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Paul Little

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Weight Management, Bodybuilding, Postnatal Training, Over 40s Fitness


Hi, I'm Paul. I help people back to an active life. To a healthier, fitter life.

I love helping people just like you to lose weight, tone up and feel great!

Through bespoke Personal Training sessions we'll explore movements and exercises that will increase strength, fitness and mobility.

I can coach you through nutritional changes, helping you to break the habits that have led you to seek help. Together we'll explore barriers to lifestyle, training and nutrition that may affect you reaching your goals. This will help integrate your plan into your lifestyle, making being fit and healthy as simple as possible and making weight loss sustainable in the long long term. 

The process is more of a journey really and, let's face it, no one goes, voluntarily, on a journey that they don't enjoy! I have that at the core of my programs, which are individually designed to be fun and enjoyable because, after all, if you don't enjoy something you won't stick with it for very long and I'm sure you realise that sticking to it is the key! What I do is create a new person and, by starting on the inside, the outside naturally follows. You'll look and feel great, you'll have more energy, more self confidence and be ready to take on anything life throws at you!

It will be enjoyable and fun but I'm not going to promise you that there won't be difficulties, maybe even tears. What I can absolutely promise you though is that it will be worth it!


  • Level 3 Personal Training Qualification

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