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Let's be real – losing fat and getting back in shape is tough, and as a driven guy with a busy schedule, tons of stress, and who needs to be on fire all the time IT'S EVEN TOUGHER.

Truth is the fitness industry has been failing guys like us for years, and it's been doing so because it's kinda full of sh*t.

The ridiculous diets that tell us to spend the day tracking everything and eating like a rabbit...

The silly training plans telling us to do 6 sit ups to become like Brad Pitt from Troy or Hugh Jackman in Wolverine...

The "magic" pills and potions that promise to turn us into He-Man if only we'll take them 6 times a day.

You're a bright guy who knows it's all rubbish, but the problem is cutting through it to find something that works for men like us.

You know it's important to get this right...

You've achieved some amazing things already but as work, family and life takes it toll it's getting harder and harder.

Those early afternoon energy crashes and lack of concentration really aren't helping...

The high stress levels and the constant feeling of tiredness are a real problem too...

You've had enough of going home with nothing left to give to your wife and kids...

And you know that to get back your energy, rebuild your confidence and truly Unleash That Kick Ass Man who can keep pushing his life forward SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE.

I've spent over a decade helping everybody from top CEOs to Elite Athletes plying their trade on the greatest stages of all...

And I've been in your shoes and know all the challenges you're facing too.

That's exactly why we do things differently...

We're going to cut through the BS and help you get results on your terms...

Without asking you to remove all your favorite foods and eat like a rabbit...

Without asking you to spend hours a day in a gym you hate...

And we're going to do that using what I like to call our B3 Formula.

Drop me a message to find out more and I'll send you my FREE training plan.

Speak soon!


  • Masters Degree (distinction) in Strength and Conditioning
  • First Class Degree in Sports Science
  • UK Strength and Conditioning Association accreditation
  • National Strength and Conditioning Association certification
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Level 3 Exercise Referral

Languages spoken


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