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Karine Mulochau

Put Yourself First
Warsash, Southampton, Hampshire
Weight Loss, Toning, Life Coaching, Special Populations, Circuit Training, Body Sculpting, Nutrition, Weight Management, Posture, Older Adults, Boxing, Padwork


My Mission

​Hello, I'm Karine and I'm dedicated to helping my clients take full control of their fitness and nutrition. 

I am convinced that exercise & food prioritisation are key for our mind and body to feel and work at their best, and in the comfort of your own home I can help you become a better version of You in no time.

​What you can expect from me

​Having worked for seventeen years as an Executive & Personal Assistant in various sectors, I understand the demands of a stressful job, putting someone else's needs and wants before your own and the frustrations associated with the 'lack of control' when it comes to personal time.

​I started exercising regularly at twenty-seven, after a break up, which helped me refocus. Twelve years ago I had an accident and was immobilised for six months. I had to re-learn how to walk and since then I have done all my fitness at home.I have never looked back.  

All you need is a living room, a patio, a kitchen floor, a driveway or a backyard, and a water bottle...and me to kick start your journey!

Throughout my programmes, I will be in touch regularly via WhatsApp, text, email and/or phone offering support and motivation. You will receive weekly emails highlighting where you are on your journey, the progress you've made over the last week and the actions we have agreed to take over the next seven days. 

It might also include articles, recipes, tips or 'things' of interest.


  • EIF - Fitness and Motivation Coach Certified Personal Trainer

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NRPT (031566)

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