Anne-Marie personal trainer


Anne-Marie Body Fit
Hill Head, Fareham, Hampshire
Nutrition, Pilates, Life Coaching


How We Got Started

A busy mum who found it difficult to attend classes so decided to design her own programme accessible to everyone.

Our Members

I teach local classes and personally see over 100 people each week. 70% of our customers started 12 years ago and are still with us today. They reached their goals and now it is just fun!


  • Nutrition and Weight Management Qualification
  • Personal Trainer and Advanced Instruction Qualification
  • Instructing Exercise and Fitness Qualification
  • Teaching Exercise and Fitness Qualification
  • Advanced Instructor Qualification
  • Exercise to Music Qualification
  • Applied Nutrition Qualification
  • GP Referral Qualification
  • Gymnasium Instruction Qualification
  • Personal Training and Advanced Instruction Qualification
  • Circuit Training Qualification
  • Mat Based Pilates Qualification
  • Next Step Pilates Qualification
  • Pilates Plus Qualification
  • Torso Training and Core Stability Qualification
  • Introduction to Health and Social Care Certificate
  • Introduction to Counselling Certificate
  • Health and Social Care Degree

Languages spoken



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